Bathroom Bling!

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  • February 16, 2018

So this happened today…after a few delays over the Christmas and New Year period, we fitted this commission today. My client, based in a lovely characterful cottage in County Wicklow, gave me a simple brief: to create something beautiful and somewhat obscured within the bathroom space.

I chose a colour palette which suited her tastes and used some really beautiful glass and crystal which responds nicely to light, especially in the evening sun. We fitted the panel to a toughened glazed unit and then fitted it to a bespoke stainless steel frame which we fixed to the interior of the sash window. I often design and work directly within exterior windows (swapping a new glazed unit containing stained glass for the original unit) but in this case the client opted to leave the window as it was and fit the panel to it’s interior. You might notice in the design the addition of a sandblasted and beveled glass area near the centre of the window. I designed this to distract the eye away from the existing glazing bar in the sash window.

My client was delighted with the finished piece and she mentioned that she would be spending a lot more time on the loo from how on…my work is complete!

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