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  • January 18, 2012

At this very moment, I think Bianca Divito is probably up to her elbows in soldering wire and hunks of coloured glass, getting ready for the Chelsea Flower Show. But this summer, she and her ultra-talented garden-designer fiance, Damien Keane, gave me a little tour around their corner of the world.

I took a trip out to Mount Usher Gardens, where I got to visit Bianca and Damien. Bianca let me ask her a million questions about her business making beautiful glass art. Turns out, she also restores historic stained glass windows, and fixes those pretty Tiffany-style lamps. But what she really loves is creating beautiful glass art, from garden hangings that twinkle, peeking the leaves, to window hangings, lamps and lots of intricately sparkly bits.

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