Lovely Mention By Dublin Based Interior Architect- Eily Roe

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  • October 2, 2017

The front door of my most recent renovation & extension project in South County Dublin has exquisite stained glass from the late 1940’s.

The renovation did not involve any changes to this door, but unfortunately on one particular windy day & with new draughts created by the addition of French doors to the rear of the property, the door slammed shut & in doing so some small pieces of stained glass cracked.

The Contractor (of his own volition & expense) made enquiries & discovered an amazingly gifted artist who I had the pleasure to meet & would highly recommend.

Bianca Divito is an award-winning stained glass designer and conservator. You can read all about her work on her eponymous website:

Bianca fixed the broken glass, & to my highly critical eye, it was near perfect.

This door was fixed on site, but Bianca can organise for the whole glazed section to be removed, repaired, renovated and be reinstalled as virtually a double glazed unit which both protects the stained glass for many more years & provides an acceptable level of insulation.

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